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The treatment

How it works

Is it suitable for you?

The advantages


The increasing use of transparent aligners attests to the effectiveness of this therapeutic treatment. In other words,invisible orthodontics has been very successful because of its effectiveness. Take advantage of it for a relaxed smile!

The manufacture of Easysmile-4all gutters requires high performance materials and advanced techniques. The result ofinvisible orthodontics is assured: a very effective correction of dental malposition.

The method is based on the fact that the aligners will exert a light force on the teeth until they gradually align to their ideal position. This method constitutes a major health, aesthetic and technical advance among orthodontists (orthodontists in Geneva).

Easysmile-4all aligners are manufactured in our laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, based on the diagnosis and treatment plan established by the practitioner.

The straightening of the teeth is done little by little, in a precise, discreet and
practically imperceptible, by means of a set of thin, transparent gutters made of flexible, semi-rigid or rigid plastic, worn successively.

The presence of cleats on the latter is essential for the straightening and modification of the
angles of the most severely displaced teeth

Thisinvisible orthodontic technology is based on software developed from many years of clinical experience, which precisely defines and coordinates the various steps, allowing for accurate planning of dental corrections and, if necessary, changes to the treatment plan along the way.

Easysmile-4all, is a transparent tray system used to correct dental malposition. Unlike metal rings, these virtually invisible aligners can be removed at any time.

Thanks to technical progress and the thermoforming process, our laboratory is one of the few to offer a
full support for invisible orthodontic treatments, from the 3D digital recording using 3Shape software to the manufacture of transparent aligners, including computer simulation of the various stages of tooth straightening. Indeed, we have integrated the whole chain.

So, to correct a dental alignment problem, rely oninvisible orthodontics and smile without metal or braces!

The treatment


The forces exerted by the dental splint, adult orthodontic appliance, are minimal, motivating the patient to wear it regularly. In addition, the smooth material prevents the formation of lingual injuries (lingual orthodontics) or injuries to the oral mucosa, which are common when wearing a dental ring.


The main interest of the aligners we propose is their transparency. In aesthetic orthodontics (orthodontist Geneva), no metal components are used. The treatment is carried out discreetly with the help of this transparent, painless dental appliance that perfectly fits the shape of your teeth. As soon as they are placed, the teeth appear smoother and more aligned because they exert a slight pressure on them.

With Easysmile-4all, be free to smile without complex


In addition to being discreet, Easysmile-4all offers you a freedom that goes far beyond the limits of traditional orthodontic treatments.

The aligners must be worn day and night at least 20 hours a day, but are nevertheless removable and easy to maintain. Removing and putting back your device whenever necessary becomes possible. The daily routine remains the same, smile and eat what you want in complete freedom. The lightness of the synthetic aligners provides comfort and does not interfere with speech.

With a little diligence in wearing your adult bra ces, you will have the desireddental alignment.

As for the maintenance of the aligners, nothing could be easier: just clean your appliance with a toothbrush and toothpaste.


The effectiveness of treatment withadult bra ces has been proven, with more than 4 million patients worldwide benefiting from this technique.

Today, it is possible to use a dental displacement system based on aligners. Technological means allow us to scan and digitize the dental arches and to define with precision a correction plan for the patient’s dental malposition. Based on this correction plan, a set of aligners will be specifically made for each patient and will have to be worn and changed every two weeks depending on the progress of the correction.

The aligners cause slight and progressive movements through the forces applied to the teeth in order to achieve a displacement in accordance with the final result. This displacement is done gently, thus reducing the feeling of tightness and the dental enamel remains intact. With the Easysmile-4all technique, get a beautiful smile and perfect dental alignment without pain or discomfort.


Another important advantage of aligners is the preservation of oral hygiene. Unlike metal braces, the patient can freely remove the clear aligners and clean the entire surface of his or her teeth. The hygiene of the teeth is thus preserved and the risk of oral irritations is reduced thanks to this method.

Wearing adult bra ces does not prevent the patient from taking care of his or her teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene.


Thanks to the technique proposed by Easysmile-4all, it is possible to cause a displacement of the teeth, with precision by controlled movements, and to achieve the desireddental alignment.
Each aligner is manufactured in our laboratory by experienced technicians from the digital impression of the teeth.

These technicians rely on a 3D dental displacement measurement device, accurate to one hundredth of a millimeter (0.01), to ensure optimal control of movements and to precisely define the treatment plan that must be followed to obtain the desired result.

How it works

Free scan & evaluation

From our iTero (intra oral) scanner, also used by Invisalign®, we produce digital impressions of your teeth and show you a simulation of the final result obtained after treatment within 24 hours.

We also conduct a case study to verify the feasibility of the treatment. If the outcome is favorable we proceed to the manufacturing of the customized gutters.

In other words, a custom-made mouthpiece is made to measure once the treatment proves to be feasible for your case.

Interview with our orthodontist

During this appointment, he will answer your questions and check the state of your teeth with the help of a panoramic and cephalometric x-ray when necessary.

Installation and wearing of gutters

During an appointment, we will place the necessary attachments for the effectiveness of the treatment and we will give you the first set of aligners. Each tray will be worn for 2 weeks (excluding the meal period) and the series together will determine the duration of your treatment.

Thus, to get the desired result, and designed by the 3D simulation, you must wear your dental tray as indicated by the orthodontist. In other words, the effectiveness of the Easysmile-4all mouthpiece could be at stake if you don’t take the treatment seriously. This solution, the invisible dental splint, requires an unfailing assiduity!

Is it suitable for you?

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, Easysmile-4all allows you to correct many types of dental malposition with invisible braces. However, it is up to the practitioner to determine if the treatment is suitable for the Easysmile-4all system, depending on the complexity of the corrections to be made.

Easysmile-4all’sinvisible braces are able to treat the following malpositions

  • Diastemas
  • Recurrences
  • Overlapping teeth due to crowding
  • Supracclusion
  • Underbite
  • Cross Occlusion

Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Only after having made a digital footprint and a simulation study can we determine if the case is compatible or not.
not with the Easysmile-4all technique.

It is an optimal adult orthodontic appliance for its discretion and its progressive action on the positioning of the teeth, favors the adherence to the treatment also of younger patients.

For a perfect smile, rely on the Easysmile-4all technique;invisible braces.

The advantages of our transparent gutters

With Easysmile-4all, benefit from a personalized, almost invisible, painless and comfortable treatment to progressively correct your dental malposition, leading you step by step to a harmonious and confident smile.

With Easysmile-4all, align your teeth discreetly with the transparent aligners.
With Easysmile-4all, you can take advantage of the almost zero discomfort of clear aligners.
With Easysmile-4all, have a transparent alignment!

The benefits to the patient are many:

  • Aesthetic (least visible and improves the aesthetics of the six front teeth from the beginning of treatment)
  • Reduces pain and trauma (light and physiological forces)
  • Comfortable and individualized (smooth and rounded, less mutilating for the tongue and cheeks)
  • Preserved oral hygiene because of the possibility of removing the trays from the teeth (tooth tray) during brushing (prefer removable)
  • Individual, unique and efficient (custom-made equipment). All devices are made from fingerprints or traditional fingerprints, as each individual is unique
  • We know that time is precious, which is why appointments with your practitioner will be limited to
    Controls that only allow us to ensure that the treatment is progressing properly.


Prices of our invisible gutters

During a consultation in our dental office, each patient will have an orthodontic treatment adapted to his case. Therefore, it is essential to diagnose the case in order to establish a treatment plan. With Easysmile-4all, make an appointment for a free evaluation and scan.

We will give you all the information about adult orthodontics, as well as an idea of the prices of adult braces

The price starts at 1’990.- CHF incl. VAT* 

* Subject to treatment feasibility.

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