Is the treatment painful?

Many patients experience some slight tightness with each renewal of the Easysmile-4all aligners. These exert a slight pressure on the teeth, which must get used to their new position as the treatment progresses. This sensation is perceptible only a few hours and fades gradually.

How many hours a day should I wear my aligners? Do I have to keep my gutters on continuously?

Ideally, you should wear the aligners 20 hours a day. You can remove them to eat or to clean them.
You should also wear them while you sleep so that the correction continues during the night as well.

How long does a treatment with Easysmile-4all last ?

As in the case of treatment with fixed metal braces, the duration of treatment with aligners depends on the

dental malposition. It is up to the practitioner to determine a precise and personalized treatment plan according to the
corrections to be made. As an indication, the duration of the treatment varies between 6 and 9 months.

Is the treatment with transparent aligners really effective?

Orthodontic techniques have evolved rapidly over the past decade. It’s been almost 18 years since Orthodontics with transparent aligners and computerized set-up has arrived in Europe. This treatment is, in most cases, adequate to correct dental malposition and is as effective as metal braces. To date, nearly 3 million patients have chosen the clear tray technique, an ideal adult orthodontic appliance, and a very comfortable young person.

How to maintain the gutters?

Your aligners are very easy to clean. A toothbrush to keep your gutters clean, a bit of Toothpaste will be necessary for cleaning. The Easysmile-4all kit, also contains a plastic box specially designed to keep your trays, when you remove them during meals.

At what age can my child benefit from this treatment?

The Easysmile-4all treatment is intended for all types of corrections and is suitable for both young people and adults.
However, the decision as to the feasibility of the treatment rests with the treating dentist. We know that Easysmile-4all can also be considered for young patients.

How can I benefit from Easysmile-4all orthodontic treatment?

It’s simple, make an appointment: Your consultation and case study are free of charge with us.

The transparent orthodontic doctor will examine you and develop a treatment plan. He will also inform you of the feasibility of the treatment, as well as the duration and cost.

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