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Is it right for me?

Aesthetic requirements

How to do it?

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For some time now, some orthodontists have been proposing a new treatment for tooth alignment (tooth alignment), which is extremely discreet and just as effective as traditional treatments (e.g. dental ring, or lingual orthodontics):

SwissAligner is aninvisible orthodontic concept that consists of wearing transparent and removable aligners. Very practical and extremely discreet, this treatment offers an impeccable result. You may be wondering if thisinvisible adult orthodontic technique is right for you.

Is it right for me?

The choice of an orthodontic treatment according to the SwissAligner technique takes into account two main criteria:
The disposition of the teeth to be corrected and the degree of correction to be performed.

This is why we offer aninvisible adult orthodontic technique to orthodontists in Geneva (orthodontists in Geneva and soon in Paris), who can guide you towards the most appropriate mouthpiece.

Indeed, you have at your disposal on this site the three ranges of dental trays: the EasySmile4all tray, SwissAligner tray, and Invisalign tray(Invisalign price). The material used to manufacture the dental splint (orthodontic splint) is the one adopted by Invisalign, identical for all three. What will vary is the complexity of the hooks which increases according to the degree of correction to be made. This evaluation is done by your orthodontist (Geneva orthodontist), who will guide you towards the appropriate type of mouthpiece for optimal treatment, as well as by the professionals in our laboratories, who will guide you in choosing the range of products that suit you.

The treatment principle is the same as for EasySmile4all and Invisalign: each mouthpiece is suitable for one palate and one dentition. Each series marks the succession of treatment steps. A follow-up is therefore established throughout the repositioning process.

A treatment adapted to the time and the requirements is what you need.

To give you an idea, SwissAligner, thisadult orthodontic treatment, is able to treat mainly the following malpositions

  • Diastemas
  • Recurrences
  • Overlapping teeth due to crowding (correction of crowding achieved by amelioration of the incisors)
  • Supracclusion
  • Underbite
  • Cross Occlusion

    Please note that this list of dental malpositions that can be treated with theinvisible adult orthodontic technique is not exhaustive.

In case of doubt, send us the impressions of the 2 arches as well as the mouth pictures of the case. See our contact information.

Once the molding of your impressions is complete, the laboratory will contact you to determine the feasibility ofinvisible adult orthodontic treatment for your case. This clear appliance offers an interesting alternative to multi-attachment metal treatment or dental rings and lingual orthodontics.

Aesthetic and comfort requirements

In the field of aesthetic orthodontics, the discretion of the adult and adolescent braces is just as important as the final result.
A “metallic” smile does not mean an easy social life. With clear aligners, patients can smile again right away!

Besides the aesthetic aspect of the gutters, comfort is very important. With the rounded neckline and smooth appearance, the patient finds the invisible aligners pleasant to wear, even to the point of forgetting they are there… The uncomfortable or irritating sensations caused by the metal elements of a multi-attachment treatment are finally put to rest. Moreover, with these orthodontic trays, the movements are soft and progressive, reducing the feeling of pulling and ensuring the final dental alignment.

With cosmetic orthodontics, you will be able to maintain the same quality of life throughout the treatment. This is a major issue in the field of invisible adult orthodontics (adult braces), as well as in that of adolescents, for whom the wearing of a dental splint is strongly recommended, because during the period of growth the repositioning of teeth is facilitated. Dental alignment is a basic aesthetic treatment that should be available to everyone.

In addition to the quality of life, daily life also remains unchanged: regular brushing of the teeth after each meal is optimal, but the diet does not vary. In addition, if an important event is planned, the removable gutter can be removed without worry. So you have the choice to live unique moments without worrying about wearing the gutter.

How to do it?

It all starts with your dentist or orthodontist (orthodontist price) who will examine you and develop a specific treatment plan for invisible orthodontics.

It will also give you the following information:

  • the feasibility of the treatment according to the Invisalign line of aligners
  • the duration of the treatment with invisible braces
  • the cost of treatment with transparent braces

After the visit, if the possibility of a SwissAligner treatment is confirmed, different series of aligners are produced according to the same principle as the EasySmile4all technique for the simplest cases and Invisalign for the most complex.

Progressively, the orthodontic trays (orthodontic trays) align the teeth and accompany the patient towards a new smile.

Invisible and comfortable dental appliance, the dental tray (mouthpiece) will be quickly forgotten and daily life will remain unchanged. The slightest pain felt when changing the mouthpiece during the treatment is quickly alleviated by the gradual displacement of the teeth.

For more information, visit your dentist.

Duration and cost of treatment

The duration of the treatment depends, like any other orthodontic treatment, on the complexity of the case. The shortest treatments last an average of 6 to 8 months, while the longest can last up to 18 months.

The cost of a treatment is determined by your dentist or orthodontist (orthodontist price), it depends, as well as the duration, on the complexity of your case. The professionals in our laboratories will also be able to provide you with information on this subject.

The SwissAligner method, for simple to complex dental malpositions, is also suitable for intermediate budgets.

A service from 4’000 CHF*.

* Any estimate is variable. Price subject to feasibility of treatment, cost expressed after simulation. Make an appointment for a free evaluation and scan!

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