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Welcome to Easysmile-4all, an orthodontist in Geneva specializing in orthodontic trays, namely transparent trays, for orthodontic treatments. Our invisible gutters are made of soft, biocompatible polycarbonate.

Our orthodontic tray is an alternative to traditional metal braces.

Free scan & evaluation

To make the orthodontic bracket, we scan your teeth in a few minutes and then show you a simulation of the final result obtained after treatment.

Interview with our orthodontist

With over 24 years’ of experience, our expert will determine your treatment duration and answer any questions you may have about your invisible aligners treatment.

Starting your treatment

Your orthodontic treatment will be followed in our dental clinic in Carouge by our team who will make sure that everything goes well until the end of the treatment.

More than ever, a beautiful smile opens doors

A perfect smile

Innovation Switzerland

The orthodontic tray we offer is indeed a product made entirely in Switzerland.

Unbeatable price

Thanks to our advanced technology, we guarantee you an unbeatable price defying all competition with a record time of realization (within 24 hours).

High technology

Advanced technology for your invisible gutters (align). Digital footprint.


Choose the EasySmile-4all orthodontic tray for a new smile without pain!

Our invisible dental trays Easysmile-4all

The manufacture of Easysmile-4all gutters requires high performance materials and advanced techniques. The result of
invisible orthodontics
is guaranteed: highly effective correction of dental malposition.

Easysmile-4all aligners are manufactured in our laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, based on the diagnosis and treatment plan established by the practitioner.

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